The Clicks

    Upon completion of an intensive 3 month program, during which we'll help you design, develop, and launch a minimum viable product (MVP) and website. Students will have a legitimate, functioning online business. The initial website allows our clients to obtain digital proof of concept with very little capital risk.

    The Bricks

    After launch, we then support cohort participants (who also receive support from their peers in the program) on an ongoing basis. The ultimate goal is to gently evolve successful students into either thriving online business owners, or to help with the daunting transition to a brick & mortar space in Santa Cruz County.

    And You...

    C2B is a collaborative eCommerce incubator from the Santa Cruz SBDC and local economic development organizations. We help all Entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they're currently operating an eCommerce storefront and want to level-up or they're starting from square one.

    Brandon Napoli

    Brandon has over twelve years of progressive responsibility in economic and workforce development. This includes six years of management experience with an M.B.A and three years working and studying overseas.  Having a track record of exceeding goals while scaling operations in new markets and programs, he is passionate about combining high-quality technical assistance, access to capital, and partnerships for small business ecosystem building.

    Brian Case

    Brian Case has been working in ecommerce for a little under a decade. In that time, he's helped build ecommerce sites for prominent businesses including Hanes, David's Bridal, Advance Auto Parts, Duluth, Vets First Choice, and most recently, Patagonia. He started his career where you are, looking to build a site and hire someone to do it. He's happy to share some of the tips and traps of ecommerce to help you through these challenging times.

    Keith Holtaway

    Keith Holtaway is an award winning Bay Area business consultant with a 20-year track record of proven successes. He works with the client and team to develop clear, concise and aligned plans for achieving their quarterly and annual objectives for revenue, profit, cost reduction and other key measurements that are important to the overall success of their organization.

    Andy Walker

    Andy Walker is a freelance web developer and SBDC eCommerce Advisor with over 10 years of agency experience working with the Shopify and WordPress platforms.

    Sara Smith

    Sara Smith is a Web designer/developer, creative arts instructor, product designer, retail store owner, home-school mom. Former Santa Cruzan, now living near Seattle.

    Andrew Lemon

    Andrew launched, grew and sold an online product sales business, and has been working with small businesses in Mexico to help them expand into the US market through e-commerce. He managed education programs for TecMilenio University and Universidad Regiomontana.

    Kyle Valiton

    Kyle fills the gap between prototype and manufacturing. He works with inventors, designers, and engineers to move from idea to assembly line. With his origins in medical device start-ups, Kyle learned firsthand the importance of quality, safety, and meeting the needs of the customer.

    Ken Nyberg

    Ken is the Senior Digital Graphic Designer at ONEHOPE Wine. Ken has over 12 years of design experience.

    Kaz Kosciolek

    Kaz Kosciolek is a direct to consumer operator and digital marketer with over 7 years of experience. Most recently he has scaled his company to multi seven figures in three year through organic and paid strategies using his experiences in building ecommerce sites, developing content for organic and paid channels, and building teams to scale brands.

    Bill Ross

    Bill has been in the eCommerce industry for over 20 years with experience ranging from starting up his own high-volume eCommerce business to running one of Amazon’s largest last-mile facilities in the world.

    Bill is a true entrepreneur having bootstrapped Office Playground, Inc. to scaling and running the multi-million dollar business profitably for 17 years. Throughout his career, he held various senior roles in Sales, Client Management, and Operations at Gartner, Organic, Amazon, and Getaround.

    Bill’s strength is in connecting the dots and adding context to the challenges and opportunities that business owners face. Bill earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Keene State College and a Master’s Degree in Marketing Information Systems from Georgia State University.

    Our Thinking

    What are The Four Ps? It’s a retail (and marketing) principle, first documented over 60 years ago by Michigan State Professor of Marketing, E. Jerome McCarthy. The Four Ps include: Place, Price, Promotion, and Product (though not necessarily in that order).
    The first conventional transaction via the Internet occurred in the early 1990s. 1994 to be exact. Dan Kohn, a young economics grad student, sold a Compact Disc for $12.48 to a friend 300 miles away by encrypting his friend’s credit card information via a crude website (which required a modified internet browser to function).