NextTalk Series // From Clicks to Bricks: Market Validation & Growth Through eCommerce

    A 3-part series (speaker and workshop hybrid) open to anyone wanting to start a business online or improve their eCommerce brand. This series is also relevant to freelancers and contractors who manage a personal brand. Each event covers an abbreviated version of our full eCommerce Incubator curriculum and can be adapted to service-based businesses as well.

    Session 1: Discovering and Communicating Unique Value

    - Intro to Lean Canvas (rapid business planning & strategy)

    - Branding Worksheet (who are you and what is your brand communicating)

    - eCommerce Website Questionnaire (how to communicate & work with agencies)

    Session 1 Materials

    Lean Canvas Worksheet (PDF Download)

    Branding Worksheet (PDF Download)

    eCommerce Project Brief (PDF Download)

    Session 2: Let’s Get Technical (A.K.A. eCommerce is Hard)!

    - Setting Expectations

    - Shopify overview & theme basics

    - Merchandising (bulk product data, image management, & videos production tools)

    - Payments & Fulfillment

    - Conversion optimization &

    Session 3: Planning to Fail is Planning to Succeed

    - Launch considerations/checklist

    - Roadmap Development

    - AMA Breakout

    What are The Four Ps? It’s a retail (and marketing) principle, first documented over 60 years ago by Michigan State Professor of Marketing, E. Jerome McCarthy. The Four Ps include: Place, Price, Promotion, and Product (though not necessarily in that order).
    The first conventional transaction via the Internet occurred in the early 1990s. 1994 to be exact. Dan Kohn, a young economics grad student, sold a Compact Disc for $12.48 to a friend 300 miles away by encrypting his friend’s credit card information via a crude website (which required a modified internet browser to function).